Ajinomoto Crispy Fry breading mix Oriignal LARGE 238g

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CRISPY FRY® is the #1 breading mix brand in the market.  Made from choice flours and starches perfectly blended with seasonings to provide crispy and delicious fried dishes.

Available in three flavors: Original, Garlic and Spicy. Also has a variant with a pack of Gravy Mix, perfect partner to your fried chicken.

Crispy Fry® also has Seasoned Crumbs® – an all-in-one coating mix made with Japanese bread crumbs complete with seasonings and spices delivering a fuller crunch in your fried dishes.  No need to add egg.

The newest offering is Crispy Fry® Fish Breading Mix, especially made to make your fried fish more delicious and crispier while making frying fish less hassle-free because of less oil spills!

Truly, only Crispy Fry® guarantees delicious and crispy fried dishes, every time.


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Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (味の素株式会社, Ajinomoto kabushiki gaisha) is a Japanese multinational food and biotechnology corporation which produces seasonings, interlayer insulating materials for semiconductor packages for use in personal computers, cooking oilsfrozen foodsbeveragesweetenersamino acids, and pharmaceuticalsAji-No-Moto (味の素, "essence of taste") is the trade name for the company's original monosodium glutamate (MSG) product, the first of its kind, since 1909.[2] The corporation's head office is located in Chūō, Tokyo.[3] As of 2020, Ajinomoto operates in 36 countries and employs an estimated 34,504 people.[1] Its yearly revenue in 2020 is around US$9.8 billion.