Silver Swan Soy Sauce

Silver Swan is a condiment brand owned by NutriAsia. It was first introduced as a soy sauce brand in 1942 by Sy Bun Suan.[2] Later on, the brand was expanded to include vinegarfish saucechili sauce and oyster sauce.

This authentic Philippine soy sauce by Silver Swan is made with the best ingredients. When you taste it, you’ll know why it is the number one in the Philippines.

Established in the early 1940s, Silver Swan began its journey with the manufacture of soy sauce in Malabon. The brand name Silver Swan was derived from the name of its original owner, the late Mr. Sy Bun Suan, who set up a small-scale family-owned venture in Manila’s Chinatown. Today, Silver Swan has expanded its production of condiments and food products from soy sauce to vinegar, fish sauce, salted black beans, chili sauce, hot sauce, oyster sauce, and worcestershire sauce. Silver Swan has become an integral part of Filipino households consistently delivering perfectly balanced taste to every dish the family loves and enjoys.[3][4]

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