Forsendelse og retur


We send all over  Norway, the package will be sent to your closest Postnord Pickup place

Up to 20kg for 99kr. (price subject for change )

 (Svalbard not included)



We have free delivery to local customers in STAVANGER, SANDNES, RANDABERG & SOLA  . This is limited to 15minuts from each centrum . 

Local Delivery will be with in 3 days , we deliver minimum 2-3 times a week . At present we dont have any fixed day of delivery


Front door delivery:  The items are delivered in a cooling bag (kjøleboks) to protect both cold and dry grocery againt the external enviroment . If the customer is not home at time of delivery we will take a assessment if its safe  to leave it on the doorstep . We will pick up the box later .  Good comunication is the keyword , we always find a solution . The most important is that it shuld be easy and efficent . 


Angrerett skjema (regret form):  In Norway you have  by law the right to return online purchase within 14days . The  item has to  be in same condition and not opened . The customer  has to pay for the return shipping . We have got some quistion why we add this form when you make a order . This is something we are obligated to send  out by law ,  you dont have to care about it as long as you are satisfied and dont want to return the shipment.



Any quistion just call Gesil 96861809 or send a message